#It’s too f***in’ long !!!!!!! 3×12

Oh my god I cannot wait, I will litteraly die before march !!! Btw, am I the only one who saw Emma & Regina in storybook ?? Too many questions arghhhhh ^^





#Yessssssssss !!!!!!! 3×11

One word: HUG !!!!!! AHHHHHHHH to many feelings, I’m dying !!!!! ^^





#I got a crush ^^ 3×10

Ok wait a sec! Regina saved almost everybody, she was nice (sort of ^^) and they’re still givin’ her a hard time? People suck !!!





#Hooooot !!!! 3×09

Henry is dead! Moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Yes I have a problem with him ^^ )





#Holly Crap !!!! 3×08

I need help! With … Magic? ^^ Powerfull much :-p





#Wowwwww !! 3×07

Ok that’s gonna be heavyyyy! Can Regina save Emma? Pretty please … with a cherry on top?





#Ariel ♥ 3×06

Is it me or Regina IS Ursulla? That’s just …. 🙂






4 thoughts on “Promos

  1. If Tinker is Regina’s ex, Ariel could be Snow’s. That’ll be interesting. But that would make me like Snow, and that’s just to weird…

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