It’s not always what it seems … by Lafochui

Ok so I got to the point where Henry’s just a little Brat to me. I mean come on, the child totally forgot about the person that cared, loved and raised him since forever and go all in for someone he never met before. How disrespectful and cruel is that?

I mean as much as I like Emma, she’s still someone who didn’t want her child and put him up to adoption. It had nothing to do with the curse at this point.

And then, not glad enough to have both moms around him, he has to go and be all: sorry mom, but I rather chose to be with Emma forever, you can just forget about me now.

Of course, people are telling me: Lafochui, almost every adopted kid wants to know his/her real mom… Well that’s bull crap!

And don’t even let me start on how much he loves sword fighting and being around Pan’s lost boys in Neverland. ‘Cause that’s just sick.

So that made me think, (Yeah I occasionally do that ^^) what if the fact that he was raised by Regina who is the Evil Queen made him kind of evil too? Because yes he’s all about the happy endings and the Charmings and blablabla , but he started to realize that not everything is possible. Not everything is black or white, and maybe deep inside him, there is an Evil Henry that is starting to awake?

Well at least that would be interesting to watch …



To tell or not to tell? by Lafochui

This could be the most important question I’ve ever asked myself.

When everything is fine except for that little detail, little detail that means so much. Are you courageous enough to risk it all just to be yourself? I don’t know if you need courage, strength or if you just need a bit of craziness to make that statement? A statement that’s gonna change your life … Forever.

I’ve always thought about myself as someone strong, someone who’s offering herself as a package deal. Always saying : “If you want the best of me, you’re gonna have to take the worst first!”. But when you reach that particular subject, thousands of questions start running wild through my head. Will I be understood? Will people start rejecting me? But most of all, are they still gonna love me, no matter what?

23 years after, I still don’t have the answers to those questions.