What ??? 0_o by Lafochui

Can someone tell me what the hell is this stuff ?

Am I so into Swan Queen that I didn’t even see that happening?



To tell or not to tell? by Lafochui

This could be the most important question I’ve ever asked myself.

When everything is fine except for that little detail, little detail that means so much. Are you courageous enough to risk it all just to be yourself? I don’t know if you need courage, strength or if you just need a bit of craziness to make that statement? A statement that’s gonna change your life … Forever.

I’ve always thought about myself as someone strong, someone who’s offering herself as a package deal. Always saying : “If you want the best of me, you’re gonna have to take the worst first!”. But when you reach that particular subject, thousands of questions start running wild through my head. Will I be understood? Will people start rejecting me? But most of all, are they still gonna love me, no matter what?

23 years after, I still don’t have the answers to those questions.