I’m backkkkk !!!! by Lafochui

So in this all new website, the main topic will be … Once upon a time! I can already hear you saying what a shocker (especially the people who already know me) so shush ^^. Here is the place for everybody to come and enjoy a little binge on one of the best show ever. But it’ll also be a safe place to share your passion, your own stories and feelings. By the way, this is so not spoiler free so be careful what you read!

For the people who don’t know me : I’m a girl, I go by Lafochui (don’t ask me why ^^), 23 years old , IT student, kinda geek, totally crazy, but so lovable 🙂 it’s a shame! And I’ll stop right there before you find me shallow! Which I’m not by the way. So feel free to ask me anything and more.



Je valide l’inscription de ce blog au service Paperblog sous le pseudo lafochui .
Annuaire Webmaster


6 thoughts on “I’m backkkkk !!!! by Lafochui

  1. Hey babe !!

    I won’t say you’re obsessed ^^ So Swan Queen it is huh? Well it still is better then your Doccubus otp.

    So that’s what you do in school? Pretty cool I gotta say 😉


    • Hiiiiiiii !!!

      Yep, still obsessed !! But I would say only one thing to that, Shawson !
      I’m sure you’ll cut me some slacks with that one ^^

      Wouldn’t you be glad (see what I just did? ^^) to be in my class huh?

      Love you 🙂

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